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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Aaratam Mundu

AaraTam Mundu..
AaTankam Entha??
Sankalpam Mundu..
Vaikalyam Entha??

DhruDaChittham Mundu..

DuraDrushTam Entha??
Edureetha Mundu..
VidhiRaatha Entha??

Nammakamu Pattudala..
Naa Rendu Rekkaluga..

Egirestha Yelesthaa..
Naa Aasala Aakasaanantha..

Chejaarenu Chethulu..
Chedhirenu Geethalu..

Bedhirinchina Baadhale..
Vivirinchenu Bodhalu..

Paadaalunu PiDikiliga.. 
Naa Gundenu Guppitaga..
Malichestha Gelichestha.. 
Santhoshapu Samrajyanantha..

PaDilesthu UnTe Perigindhi Dhairyam..
ADugesthu Unte Tharigindhi Dooram..
Chirunavvesthunte Selavandi Shokham..
Sahanamtho UnTe Dorikindi Sainyam..
Chematodisthunte Pilinchindi Gamyam..

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  1. My godd!!!!!!Asalu emannaa song aa of the best ever!!!!Nijamga chala chala chala inspiring ga vundhi....okkokka line uncomparable.....

    Chirunavvesthunte Selavandi Shokham..
    Sahanamtho UnTe Dorikindi Sainyam..Nammakamu Pattudala..
    Naa Rendu Rekkaluga..

    Egirestha Yelesthaa..
    Naa Aasala Aakasaanantha

    and aa lines chadutunnappuduu...pakkana lyrics ki aa pics chustunte.....inkaa beautiful feel!!!splendid song annayyaa.....thanku somuch fr uploading this one!!!!

  2. a really good inspirational song..what a lyrics...each and every word and line are so motivating...
    "PaDilesthu UnTe Perigindhi Dhairyam.."...i love this line...

  3. hey..can u plz gimme the link for the audio song..i searched a lot for this song but i cant really find it anywhere..! plzz :)


  5. Thanks Guys for the wonderful song ... Great lyrics ....

  6. Thank U soo soo much for uploading this song...
    I love this song and searched a lot on web...


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